The Dilemma Between 'Today' & 'Tomorrow'

The dilemma between ‘Today’ & ‘Tomorrow’,
doesn’t allow me to be a little wisy & grow;
they come in a fused form like a series or a row,
& always create travesties in my head, hollow.
Indolent morning yawns & coffee in a shiftless evening,
always make me drowsy & my zeal seems drowning.
I lay down in fun & float in the bubbles of ecstasy,
where the hard work seems useless & lush as classy.
I bite my nails for the time go faster than usual,
& the sand in a hour glass drops my chances in refusal.
I shuffle my head in utter confusion to choose a way,
where my time has made me mourning in a empty bay.
I procrastinate further to play a round of gambling,
where my fate betrays me & leaves me whining.
Drops of sob seem like raindrops mirroring my result,
& in every drop, remorse & shyness reflect my fault.
I never dared to fail & easily surrendered a long ago,
but now easy defeats & failures hit my bitter ego.
I rejected to agree that i had been a mess for days,
& wasted my efforts & enthusiasm being an evil’s prey.
I used to walk on the pavement where lies the lethargy,
& forgot to look the vast journey losing my energy.
The dilemma between ‘Today’ & ‘Tomorrow’,
never let me face triumph in a battle without sorrow.
I repent now, for the chances crawled & came to me,
now they laugh watching me regret with their glee.
Indulging in confusion, self-satisfaction & laziness,
makes a life foolish, chaotic & hell with a devil’s bless.
The abyss of deprivation & loss feels so depressing,
when increasing dilemma flames my heart,stressing.
The dilemma between ‘Today’ & ‘Tomorrow’,
always recalls the horrifying past spent feeling low.

~ ©storytellersuchismita


beautifully composed and very well penned…

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Thank you❤ @thegurjyot😊

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whatever our past is, Today and Tomorrow gives us chance to change or at least improve it.


That’s a really deep thought

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