The Blessed Shower

The Blessed Shower
-Alveera Hafeez

And it rains,
To wet the plains,
Just like you came,
To extinguish my flame.

I was a zero,
You are my hero,
And these winds blew,
Made your silky hair flew!

The grey clouds,
With their dark shrouds,
Tell the story they wish to flow,
Just like your presence making me glow!

You are my love,
You are the dove,
This heart is for you,
My whole life is just for you!

And these rains,
When wet the plains,
Reminds me of you,
Because I need you as they do!
Ig- @unkahi.talks


Thank you so much!! Tnx for reading!!:heart::heart::heart:


Tysm… td means so much to me!!



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Ty dear​:smile::smile::heart::heart:

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