The asian pacific nature quiz 2019

This tournament, that was first established through efforts of Australia, Indonesia and Japan back in 1995, is a great environmental quiz tournament that takes place in gap of 2 years and it is going to be held this time in the same place where it took place back in 2017 due to the organiser team reaching into the finals and staying as a runner up which is the only way by which this honour to organise twice can be achieved by a same country.
Thence like in 2017, the tournament shall once again take place in Auckland but the dates are different and it shall take place from 29th of September to 1st of October 2019 in the spot with it’s remarkable influence and craze amongst all the visually impaired quizzers and analysts.
A prominent and prestigious tournament of it’s pacific kind, the tournament like the previous times shall have three round with 1st being braille round with two segments, the next being typing rounds with two segments, and last round being stage on mike segment with semi finals and finals to come with face off amongst teams that will make it a cracker with presence of these 16 teams for sure.

The winners of the last time tournament was a wild card entry team from South Asia and this challenge shall hover to pacific countries to tackle that team to bring back the glory to their own area or to Central or South East Asian nations in this coming tournament which may increase people’s excitement so it is surely building up for the same in huge galore.
India in leadership of Saurabh Pant from Nainital with his great team managed to defeat New Zealand back in 2017 and hence it is likely that India should, being a wild card entry, should look to perform well and the opponent countries should try their best to give a prominent challenge.
according to the rules of the tournament, 15 countries are from the Asia-Pacific region can participate while one country, who have done well back in the tournament or in the other global circuit recently, is selected as the 'outsiders and it has been well received in such form to allow one team from other area to be part of such a great tournament.
Thus the trophy stays with outsiders for the moment being and the tournament is surely going to reveal a cracking momentum so it is surely going to light up a great contest in it’s all the strengths.

What this tournament has shown from past that it has potential to aware the world through a certain community that environment can be considered, and as visually impaired people have performed well in this field through their assistive technology, then the people’s interests have risen up as well which makes this tournament an immaculate one.
A great contest of it’s type, welcoming these 16 countries to compete in the field of nature through intellectual standards, and giving them the platform to express in the field of differently avled people, it has represented a unique culture in form of happening in the gap of 2 years and shall be a cracking one.
What is new to see that there will be theme of ‘air pollution’ as motto for this time, a generous influence of International Quiz Federation is on the core as key organisation to look the proceedings, and thence by all views on let’s hope to see it happening with great success, Till more happy joy come enjoy and have great fun all…