That one Smile

Do you know,
What have you done.
Spoiling all of my,
Future and fun.
Last weekend it was,
Too agitated I was.
I’d taught my heart,
Decided to upstart.
You were not then,
My destined one.
Somehow I recovered,
Overcoming all my sores.
New day it was,
New changes I had.
Felt everything fresh,
With the proper rest.
In campus I was,
Met friends had fun.
Was in full run,
Like bullet from gun.
Then,suddenly like jolt
My heart had halt.
You were standing there,
Without any reason to care.
I kept looking at you,
With a greeny hue.
I knew what I was doing,
Had reason for bowing.
Putting reasons aside,
Eyes open and wide.
I just stood,
Cz u had smiled.


very nice poem @Teennagar
Welcome to YoAlfaaz family
keep writing and sharing

Welcome to Yoalfaaz @Teennagar