Thank you for teaching me

To be honest it would find you, it would bump into you on the most unexpected places. But please take note it will never be the same kind of love again, it will not be the same face, different wants, not the same voice, not the same soul.

It will not be the same love song playing on the radio, it will not be the same — the butterflies in your stomach might not even flutter, the slow-mos and the sparkles might not even play, and most of all, the movie-like scenes might not even be there.

But I promise you, it will find you.

It will find you torn between the Harry Potter series you wanna buy, or the big Mythology book you always wanted to have. It will tell you to choose where your heart beats faster when you hold it in your hands.

It will find you halfway through the vegetable salad you’re trying so hard to finish because you said to yourself you need to be beautiful so somebody would like you, but love would love you, even in these kind of days you thought you’re unlovable.

It will stumble upon you in the thirteenth day of december at your friend’s house in the form of a poetry book, given to you — it held in its pages all the words you ever needed to know; it will know you first as the poetry in the ocean of proses.

Love might make you swim toxic oceans, might let you climb inconsistent mountains, might make you a fool, a martyr, and a burden, but you should stand proud and prove yourself worthy of it. Cos love, love will never leave you despite everything, even when the world’s dragging you down; love will find you, believe in you and love you differently than the last.

Despite all of these remember, it will find you, again and again and again.


Made me smile. :heart:

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Keep smiling

aha romantic one, nice.

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title could have been : it will find you …
good one. …:heart:

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