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Growing up, we all had labels, so this is not a new phenomenon.
It’s painful but always we can see that
We used to classify people as optimist, pessimist, hardworking, lazy, diplomatic, frank, aloof etc. You get what I am saying… the basic human traits.

Today we have new labels thanks to the 1 lakh opinions out there on social media.

One can be classified as racist, feminist, colourist, homophobic, liberal, non-liberal, democratic, misogynist, male chauvinistic.

Oh wait, that was there before as well.

Then there are the new additions that are meant to put the other person down and can be termed as light cyber bullying- Bhakts, Congressi , Aaptard, snowflake, maga supporter, mullas, sanghis, makapav, bawas , sardar etc. I have used these regretfully and realized it is to show support for one side, as if there can be only one side that one supports.

We are showing a part of ourselves which was forever hidden but is now in the open, thanks to social media.

It’s scary to think that the generation that is currently learning about Gandhi and his non-violence traits, is going to be classified, in ten years, into one of these labels.

When did this switch happen? Who made the switch?

Before you even finish pondering over this thought, you will have people pointing fingers to the opposing party, other than the one they support, without realizing that four fingers are pointing right back at them.

When did education take a backseat?

An eye for an eye makes the world blind. The world is already blind, due to the fog of our prejudice that is there in our hearts.

When we buy new clothes we cut the label or the price tag on them. How about we rip the labels that we have given to each other and learn to debate without the name calling?

A political debate in office was on between two friends and a colleague jokingly asked whose winning? I wish people would stop to understand the bases of a debate is not necessarily to win or lose but to open one’s thought process to another possibility, another perspective.

We could learn to accept that yes, one’s opinion is important but it’s not the only one. Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess?

May be we should just reset and try a new label- Humans.


That’s a really good read. :relieved: @Twisha_Ray

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Thank you so much :hugs: