Symbol of quiz world cup 2020

Again like every big tournament, the quiz world cup of the visually impaired is also represented by a symbol that would represent the whole community and as it is a big tournament to host, the same process of once a host is chosen goes on and after the place and theme are decided through signitories of the International quiz fedeeration the process to choose the symbol proceeds in which two rounds take place in which the 1st one is the round of advice where nation state suggests what may be the symbol, and in the second one the suggestion is compared with the symbols chosen in the past world cup to make sure that it is unique in nature, and once both rounds are held the symbol is decided and is chosen for such a big tournament to take place in a particular country in gap of around 4 years with mor than 100 teams participating in such a huge tournament itself.
In the year 2016 when the world cup was hosted last time in India, the symbol was spirit amblem which had its four wheel and each wheel was represented with certain colour and signs to show the world being unity, accuracy, community and strength being four pillars of visually impaired and it was appreciated across the world when it came and all the captains were joyous to have such a great symbol for which it got lot of appreciation also from the Unesco and being the part of the quiz world cup it suited unique purpose of its own dsign as certain community showing their power and capacity to be together, and hence it had its own mark and symbolic effect.
In the year 2020 as the four years have passed by and the new world cup is looming soon at the end of March, and with all suspitions of corona virus going and people being wondering whether it will happen or not, its good to share that the both rounds of the symbol selection process have completed and with online discussion and video call confrencing amongst all the signitories of the international quiz federation, a unique symbol has been chosen for the Quiz world cup of visually impaired to take place from 30th of March to 3rd of April 2020 in 6 cities of Belgium, and the Lethorth sports club has shown it to the local public in a small gathering which shows that the move is on the cards and the tournament will take place in its usual passion, and as quiz is a indoor sports it help more in professional ways to take sensitory measures for diseases and how travel will be managed is up to all the countries participating, but the fact that remains to share with all that the symbol is chosen for tournament.
It is going to be 4 candle lights spreading their light in four different directions and it has been approved by all signitories as their last decisions to make the 4 candles representing as the world cup symbol, Whereby the 1st candle will represent the unity of the all visually impaired people of the world, the second will represent accuracy to help each other in challenging situations, the third will represent the community as an ultimate man power, and the last candle would serve the purpose of the strength by which all are involved no matter how many questions or challenges are raised, and in this pattern the four candles burning would be the symbol of the quiz world cup 2020 and it would be interesting how they make their mark as the tournament take place with no corona barriers.
Hence to proceed, The symbol was first greeted by the top four ranked teams including Switzerland, Norway, India and Japan and their captains including Mr. Pant are curious to see the impact it would make and the same reactions have come from their coaches, all the teams who are participating have applauded the impressions on the judgement, and ultimately the inspirations behind the four candles lights will be a great one to see how it all spans out, till more such information with more such articles and updates on Quiz world cup come in front of all of us, for now like it is said to all its cheers from charlie…


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