Syllables that hurts me

Dear Heart, hope you are so good remember those days when I was happy too much
for all hurt you have been through.
I wish i could make it go away.
I never ever wanted to hurt you.

I just feel afraid Dearest Heart.
and now your in pain as well.
I just don’t know how to handle this.
All my hopes had just fell.
I am writing this to let you know
this is definitely not what i intended.
It started of with a little pain
Now the hurt over you has extended.

I am so very sorry my dear Heart,
I know you don’t deserve such pain.
At least now i know that when your hurt,
I can then write to you again.

The day I realised poetry has a face was also the day I learned that a plain white shirt could send goosebumps and a spectrum of colours inside my rib cage, you smelled something sweet, the odour of your deodorant, something musky, and beneath all that, a scent as fresh as the morning dew.

You looked right through me, you shut a paperback halfway through the story, leaving it unfinished, not really bothered about the characters, do they kiss on a September dawn causing Orpheus and Eurydice to smile and look down at them from the cotton candy clouds, or does ignorance pull them into a gravity-defying abyss, and the agony permanently settling inside her smoke-filled lungs? Now you will never know.

In prayers, I have said your name a thousand times, a secret kept just between my tongue and lips. That day I looked at you and whispered something you needed to know, gently, in a language understood only by the prophets. I wonder if you heard me right.

Am I loving you wrong? Is that why it’s taking my voice and my yearning a sea to crawl to reach you? And since I have nothing else to offer, here is a haiku, 17 syllables that you will never read -

time is collapsing
the room is getting darker
I need light — come home

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