Ever since I was a kid, it has been instilled deep down to be scared of strangers. Every stranger should be looked at as if they would kidnap you or rape you or poke your eyes out. I grew up, went to school and then to college. I graduated, travelled a lot, then studied little more and with it travelled a little more too. Still even at the age of 30, I am scared just like the way I was ever since I was a kid. I stand at any random bus stop, a helpless old stranger walk by, I am scared even though none has ever hurt me yet and some have even helped along the journey of my life. Despite the fact that I was abused as a kid by a relative, I was taught to trust my relatives. Behave nicely to your relatives, respect your elders especially if they are ur relatives. What would your relatives think if you talk like that? Still at the age of 30, I behave nicely to all my relatives even though one of them abused me as a child. Are we teaching our kids to recognise strangers?


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