Story of my father

My boss asked me to submit the monthly report at 10 A.M. in his office.

Last month had been even worse and I had a premonition that I was going to be fired. I was all set with my report to catch the 7:25 A.M. train.

I was about to step out of the house when my mom, who had come to visit me, insisted to cook lunch for me. I argued that I could have my lunch in the canteen like I always do, but she said she would not allow me to leave without it. After she prepared my lunch, I snatched the lunch box in anger and left the house a little late than my usual time.

When I reached the platform at 6:27 A.M., the train was leaving the station at the far end. I could see my 2-year long job going away with it.

I took the 7:35 A.M. train and I knew I would not be reaching the office on time.

At ten minutes to nine, I received a text from my boss - “Where are you?”

I was about to start an argument as it was still not nine when another text popped up - “Are you alright?”

It felt unusual coming from my boss. I told him that I was fine and politely asked him the reason for asking me this.

He told me that the 7:25 A.M. train had been derailed and hundreds of people were suspected to be dead. It was all over the news channels. People were shouting, screaming, and crying for losing their loved ones to this horrible tragedy. And I was sitting safe and sound in the 7:35 A.M. train.

I wonder what saved me that day - the on-time train or the small lunch box with my mom’s home-cooked meal, lying inside my bag.