Stockholm Grand Quiz 2020

This quiz tournament is part of the series that is known as Scandenavian winter challenge and in every gap of 2 or 3 years it has been taking place, since previous few 2 decades where different countries host such tournament as part of series to enhance the quiz efficiency of visually impaired quizzers and ever since its inseption, the glory and effect it has done has been phenomenal and Indian performance in the tournament has been prolific for which it is an equal interesting tournament for the quizzers across the world and makes it a unique tournament of its kind being part of the Winter Academic challenges within such countries that has included Denmark, Finland and Norway earlier, and now Sweedon is also going to be part of its legacy as a new chapter in field of quizzing for the visually impaired sports personnels from the world around.
If we talk of the last decade, Finland had got honour to host two of such winter challenges as quiz tournaments in the year 2012 and 2015, and it co-hosted the tournament again partnering Greenland in 2017, However due to its shorter version it shifted to Norway in the year 2018, and now to begin the new decade, in the year 2020, the tournament is going to be hosted in Stockholm, the capital of Sweedon, and though Covid norms are applied, still candidates are asked to come to the party, the arrangements would be perfectly settled like they were back in Quiz world cup of Visually impaired in Belgium, and in presence of such high quality standards in work, the tournnament is surely going to be a great one in all due respects around.
As far teams are concerned for the tournament, usually there will be 36 countries participating in the tournaments from 6 continents, each representing 6 countries, and on the basis of the world rank, they get the chance, like earlier it used to be in the Scandenavian winter challenges, and the captains of all such teams along side their head coach are requested to sign the MOU so they can be part of it, which Mr. Pant and Indian head coach has also done being Rank no 2. team in the world returning back to the influence, and Mr. Pant as the Indian head captain feels that this is a nice chance for all the participating countries to show the bond within the community and prosper it in such difficult times making it a great tournament in all respects around.
Thus this time, this Stockholm Grand Quiz is going to be a great one with these 36 teams participating together with due respect to other academic challenges earlier and making it a great one, the championship is going to take place from 18th to 20th of November in certain different monumental locations of capital of Swedon, the authorities involved with volunteer organisations and Stockholm Sports Club for the Blind are ready with their preparations in hand, and all it requires now to be a cracker of a tournament, and all captains along side Mr. Pant and his team are going to prepare for it soon trying to make it a memorable one, Till more news from such academic challenge are to come, For now like it is said its cheers from charlie…

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