-Alveera Hafeez

I don’t understand this illogical thing,
This hatred which is just a sting,
Slashing the people and setting the houses on fire,
Calling yourselves as peaceful, another satire.

If someone tortures your people it’s wrong,
But you are okay when you yourself repeat the song,
Don’t you get this shameful feeling inside your head,
Don’t you feel your conscious asking you to break the thread.

Do you think calling your religious slogans will make your Allah smile?
Don’t you reckon you are actually trying to cross that human stile?
How do you sleep by slaughtering so many people around?
Don’t you dream about the cries and people bleeding to death due to their wounds?

Do you really reckon such things make you superior over another?
Do you reckon that people will bend to you with these inhumanity spreading farther?
Do you think killing and burning families makes you attain Paradise?
Are you sure you will be called human after your soul leaves this world and flies?

Have you answered these quetions in your mind?
Do you think I am not one of your kind?
Yes you are right, because Humanity is the religion of mine.
I believe in one God and he told me that this is not his line.

He told me that love and care is the only thing he wants,
He doesn’t needs your futile and inhumane haunts,
He who takes care of the whole Universe,
He who is the mighty of the mightiest verses.

He doesn’t need your stupid and illogical killings of the creation he made,
He is the one who created all the paths, and all the foundations laid,
Yes right, you might call him, God, Allah, Mahadev, Wahe Guru or whatever you call him,
But he is the one and only, and he never told anyone that killing people will please him!


Amazingly written :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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