Steps on the way

Grey smoke covers every heart,
Dust of loss seems more real than before,
In this all mess we have to crawl back,
With hoping to take our steps on the way.

Sounds of grief lives in every corner,
Dead are increasing worse in numbers,
In this all pain we have to stand united,
There may be possibility for steps on the way.

Harshness may absorb like mist,
Joy will return from where it vanished,
Truth is that losses are bigger than ever,
Steps on the way would not be easy this time.

Disturbed minds would find solitude,
Unity may retain from where it shattered,
Reality is tough to swallow in these bad times,
Steps on the way would be like climbing mountains this time…


Always a pleasure to read your poetries. :open_hands::heart:

Glad you enjoyed it a lot

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Wow :dizzy:

Yeah a poem I enjoyed typing.