Status of myself

My status


I have been the deity on earth
to love,to adorn .
so you doth keep me in holy
sanctum .
I was the diva.
But still i am criticised as iva .
World praised my tender
bosom and it’s ambrosia.
So it named me goddess.
High above the humanity .
It kissed the amber lips
and called me epitome.
It felt my throbbing heart
my silky skin
and my crimson eyes.
You Announced i must be
You empowered me with the
staus of deity.
But why have you crushed me
Powerless ,feeble but holy-
heavenly body.
World ! You worshipped me,
you praised me,
you bowed before me .
Either i am goddess or A witch.
Hanging between the two
Like horizon between sky and
But please ,look ! I am human .
World ! Do me a favour !!
Let me achieve my ture status.
Because,really i so.
©Kavita verma


Keep the status up. :heavy_heart_exclamation: