Special @nature

The air is absolutely calm and quiet

on this cool late autumn day
and such a cloudless crystal blue
one sneeze could blow it all away

It’s special and the limbs are bare
each tree a sketch of varied gray
save scattered green cedars and pines
where the finches flit and play

The pond reflects the far side shore
standing the whole world on its head
where the red hawks soar inverted
and rising sun turns the ground red

Calm air makes all sounds so loud
even beetles rustling in the duff
are detected by any with ears
if one listens closely enough

And all the fields of grain and sedge
standing motionless and straight
seem tense with anticipation
like runners at the starting gate

All outdoors is waiting for
the stillness to come to an end
and the end will surely come
with arrival of the wind


A Job Well Done!