Exploring the garden I saw a spark,
Spreading love and killing the dark,
I went near that divine shine,
It looked as if it was mine.

The beautiful red rose with drops of dew,
I loved the way it moved when winds blew,
My wings were tired of flying,
With dry throat, I was dying.

Everything was blurred so I sat,
That red rose called me fat,
I burst with anger on him,
He laughed and offered a sip.

It was delicious, I came near it,
He asked me to have a seat,
I loved the way he gazed at me,
He loved the way I used to flee.

One day while spending time,
He did a decietful crime,
He told me he would leave me,
I started crying which he couldn’t see.

He wanted to spend the whole day,
With me near him as his Sun ray,
I did spend even the whole night,
In front of my own eyes he died.

The night was to bright to cry,
I needed a corner to lie,
And the next morning I saw a spark,
His remains were still killing the dark!

-Alveera Hafeez



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