I think we are waiting for something extraordinary to happen to us.The way I’m waiting for you to come back, to return, to be mine once again. The way I’m yearning for you to come tell me you love me. If everything had been this easy, would I have still loved you? Would I know what love is? Is it even love if there are no distances, no fights, no separation? Would I have even loved you if you had been mine? Completely and only mine? Just like that? How would’ve I learned what loving meant if it wasn’t for you. How would I know what being in love meant if you hadn’t left? Was it love? It certainly had to be, right? You completed me. You touched my soul without even touching me. You had the locks that my keys fit to and I had the locks that your keys fit to. We were together, not for long but for that short period of time. You loved me for who I am and accepted me with all the flaws that I came with. You trusted me with yourself and I trusted you with myself. You unveiled the best parts in me while I did the same for you. You gave me the supreme level of comfort and the security that I didn’t find elsewhere. You were just so perfect, so damn perfect. So much better than the person that I had always dreamt of. We were so perfect. We were one, in love with each others souls. Not only our souls but our bodies were so in love with each other, entangled, and intertwined. We must’ve been the best example of two bodies, one soul. So, how did you expect me to be okay without you? I am nothing but a living corpse without you and without the warmth of your love.


beautifully written… liked it :slightly_smiling_face:


very well written and presented @sabasthoughts :+1::+1::+1: