Someday, someday you will open a book and read about lost things and maybe then you will remember the things that the universe can never return to you—the time of our lives and my love.

Someday, someday you will stir your coffee and remember the color of my eyes, or look at sunflowers and think about me.

Someday, someday you might be standing just 6 feet away from me and I will look at you but never say ‘hello’ and you will try to remember how my voice sounds like.

Someday, someday you will find yourself reading all the stories that I wrote about you and you will hug them for so long that you could almost feel my smell lingering around you.

Someday, someday you will watch the stars and dial my number and try to talk to me, but you won’t know how to.

Someday, someday you will knock my door and I will open it and you’ll want to make it up for the lost time but maybe we will say our final goodbyes.

And yes, your ‘someday’ will arrive but it will already be too late. And I will be happy to know that after all, you realised how losing yourself in love feels like.

But until then, I would have given up on my bad habit of renting hearts of other people for warmth and love. Until then, I promise I will learn that not every refuge is home, some are just abandoned buildings.

And if you ask me, I know it will hurt for a while to stop loving something that once mattered the most in my life but it will no longer destroy me the way it used to.



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