Someday we will be

You and me are really special
Maybe someday we’ll know why we couldn’t be together.
You will walk past me with your arm wrapped around her
And I’ll be laughing so hard at some joke he just cracked,
We won’t notice each other.
Maybe someday we’ll be with people we don’t hate
And don’t compare with a past lover.
Maybe someday this separation will make sense to us, love
And maybe someday we won’t be in love anymore
With each other.
Someday, but not tonight.
Tonight, I’m thinking about you.
Tonight, I look at the moon and I feel the emptiness crushing me
Look how fragile we are, love
Look how little it takes to make me miss you
So much it takes to forget.
The world needs us to stay apart, my love,
But how do you split a soul?
So look at the moon tonight when I ask you to
And realize that
Some things are meant to stay forever
Always true, always beautiful
In the strength of a teardrop that never left the eye
And the stubbornness of a love we still call home,
You’ll find me.
You’ll find us.
Always true, always beautiful,
Never leaving.


I really liked the composition…

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thank you so much