I feel devastated, demotivated and shattered.
Got fed up of my perished life.
And decided for a walk to get some peace.
The world outside is deep in sleep.
Darkness of night filled around me.
Stars were saying “hai buddy”.

Below one street light,
Was a man with a unlit cigarette.
“Smoking is injurious to health”,I said.
“it’s just a metaphor”, he smiled.
This reminds me of a novel “The fault in our stars” .

You are still awake in this dark night, I said
Maybe my lifeless life gave me sleepless nights, he replied.
Felt like a part of me is speaking to myself.

He continued, “I find peace in this sleepless nights
This battle between my brain and soul find answers at this time”.

Hearing this the inner me started finding its answers.
Slowly my unhappy movements.
Turned out to be my enhancers.



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