Soft fences can save forests

Our natural heritages can only be protected if certain patterns be applied and governmental efforts for schemes like Soft fences can work in context of National parks and other examples.
Such fences can control the misuse of environment that occurs in name of development and can set balance between Human-nature relations.
What they do is that they provide an ultimate choice for those who are stuck between development and protecting nature and in such ways if they are implemented well, the misuse of forest as natural resources can at least be controlled for sure.
Those who destroy forests just for pleasing their inner hearts can be brought to the official supervision and those who take bribes to give forests can also be illuminated by such policies.
Ultimately in context of national parks, sanctuaries, wildlife conservating schemes and other naturally-herited area it is a brilliant pattern and can help shape a better future to save forests at large…


Nice concept and so expressive. Keep sharing :blush:

thanks, for sure.

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