Smiles all over

Dedicated to parents on their 26th marriage anniversary on this 28th of June, 2019.

Those hands with strong will to help us always,
Those eyes in which cause to support shine always,
How beautiful those moments would have,
When our parents had met each other first time with smiles all over.

Those brains ready to face every challenge for us always,
Those hopes to make their children great always,
How blisssful moment they would have been,
when our parents had met each other for a new journey with smiles lall over.

Surely we cherish the greatness you both have,
Wishes, joys and expectations to make more great memories,
Smiles all over return to their homeland,
As we celebrate this melody of your anniversary.

Definitely, we would continue to hope you stay young, glad and great,
The chances to make more greater affinity,
Smiles all over come back to the sky where you took your first flight together,
As we become joyous on this gorgeous moment of your anniversary…


Great. :heart:


thanks to both