Sleepless poetry!

There is another night,
I don’t know how to fight,
The sleep is so far away,
And thoughts are on their sway.
I believe, I will see you again,
In those dreams, all of a sudden,
And you will leave me that way you do,
When I’m gonna open my eyes and wanna see you.
There will be tears in the corner of the pillow,
All those are dead, which we thought will grow.
The days are busy but these nights are painful,
I know this will end when I will fall asleep, and I will!
The eyes will be tired so do the mind,
The heart will still be crying until it’s dead.
No worries, we sleep unknowingly slowly,
Crying in this moment and then all of so suddenly.



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Thats so sad


:heart::heart: @parmesh_chavan

This is. :black_heart: @Tum