Skinning crocodiles is not acceptable

Crocodiles are one of most fascinating, powerful and able creatures of the river biodiversity when it comes to earth and hence human attacks on them is a sad scene.
Though politics of crocodiles attacking to human colonies and killing them in response has been a common phenomenon, There is one more aspect of human brutality to such a beautiful creature and that is without doubt the deaths of such creatures due to leathre industry as their skin suits for various leather prominence to humans.
Such type of tendencies have been on very high activities across Asia and the recent example of Vietnam is more frightening to the existence thret these creatures are facing in present day situation.
What this shows that humans are ready to kill even the most impressive creatures and they have stooped so low in this 21st century that without destroying nature their trade ventures are hardly going to survive which is disappointing and the instance of Vietnam where Crocodiles are skinned in such huge numbers for leather bag supplies is horrific in it’s virtual strength and shows that such painful examples are seriously hurting to existence of such beautiful creature.
A strong step by certain agencies that work for Crocodiles in mecong region need to apply as strict regulations as they can as a formal procedure, PETA has already come to action for safety, and environmentalist as well as Fresh-water biologists have to raise their hands up for protection of such crocodiles that can be as a start that can boost support system and can help their lives become llesser-dangerous in the age where river- pray has become small in quantity and forcing them to leave their boundaries as well thus we need to help them stay safe in such regions.
Ultimately what is the last goal to satisfy that humans will have to understand that ‘dark’ tag from such creatures have to be removed, they as living creatures have the right to decide their teritories, and lesser-infultration to their areas will help them live a better life-
If we are able to understand how to balance the ecosystems with crocodiles and not kill them for leather industries, that will ultimately help both of us live a better life, specially for communities closer to river basins in South-east Asia who are only looking to expand leather trade and skinning them without even thinking the future results thus skinning crocodiles is not acceptable…


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