Dear Women,

My place is on your forehead,

Death too stands far fearing me

I am the color of a,

Woman’s cheerful heart.

I am the color of power.

People call me “Sindoor/Kumkum”

I am the symbol of,

Female energy,

Convention of wearing me.

The voyage over 5,000 years of Hindu society.

I have a great place in astrology,

And mythology

Radha, the consort of Lord Krishna,

Turned me into

A flame-like design on her forehead.

In famous epic Mahabharata, Draupadi,

The wife of the Pandavas,

Wiped me off,

In disgust and despair.

I am mentioned in Puranas, Lalitha Sahasranamam

and Soundarya Lahharis.

I am a luscious red

In the middle parting of your hair

I carry a message that

You are married.

But is this message really that simple?

From the moment that you were smeared with me

At your wedding,

Socio-religious norms dictate that I must stay with you,

Or you with me till your marriage lasts.

From your forehead,

I vouch for your fidelity.

I am a proof of monogamy,

Your loyalty towards your husband.

I send out the message,

Try not to upset the lady,

She"belongs" to another man.

According to Hindu traditions,

Any lady stops wearing Sindoor

Only after the death of her spouse.

In a society where a woman,

Doesn’t make a difference,

Sindoor can be a powerful tool at times.

© Sheela Joby


Nice post @Sheela_Joby2019
Sindoor or Kumkum, is often regarded as life line of husband on wife’s forehead. Its a love of women for her men.
Sindoor is one of the main things included in her “Shringaar” but her significance is very important and powerful.
very well written


Thank you


Very well penned and I also hope that soon our society becomes a place where, a woman does make a difference.


Thank you