-Alveera Hafeez

The things are considered okay and fine,
When things are limited to a line,
Beyond the line when things exceeds,
You have your desires which slavishly feed.

Your touch then remains no more good,
You make terror her daily food,
You use her body day and night,
You leave her with scars and fright.

And all that you win because she kept quiet,
She wants to raise but she hides,
The fear of judgement always binds,
Your desires makes you more blind.

But she kept quiet amd she never rise,
The running water resonates when she cries,
But you were deaf to her,“No!”
If she shouted, you made her low.

But still she was quiet and said nothing,
The more she tried, the more painful were her endeavouring,
No one knew the pain she went through,
But silence, knew everything, about her foe.

Silence knew but still kept quiet,
Never stood up for her fight,
But she told silence everything she hide,
She told her the truth which beneath her cried.

But silence could never speak,
Silence knew but she was bleak,
And little by little silence became her best of friends,
But silence could only hear her friend!

And one day, those torments kills her deep,
No one cries, except silence, who weeps!



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Thank you!!:heart::heart: @Adithyan_ks

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