Silence the perfect tale (don't take it personally please)

“You know what, if I will have a chance to whisper one wish for you to the stars tonight, my wish will be as simple as this—I want you to stay like that, always happy,” I told him as I stared on his face.

He just smiled as a response while looking at the stars etched against this black sheet of the nightsky.

“Why are we suddenly talking about wishes?” he asked me.

“Who knows we might be able to see some shooting stars tonight,” I told him.

Silence filled the air between us, but I can still hear the horns of the mobiles—and I admire the view of the busy highways glittered with the lights coming from the moving vehicles, for it looked like the reflection of the vast black canvass being painted with the stars.

“Do you have any wishes for me then?” He was now looking on my direction and I smiled on him.

He was about to open his mouth when I interrupted him and said, “If by any chance you have one, will it be like… I might forget the things that are still making me sad up until now?”

His smiles vanished as he heard my request.

Was that too much to ask from him? Even if it’s real impossible to be done, will he wish for me to just wake up one day with mind finally at peace and that I can no longer remember the past that are still trying to ruin my happiness?

“I don’t like the idea of that wish,” he finally said.

I just let him do the talking.

“If I ever got one wish for you, it will be as simple as yours, but it will be like this…”

“In days when you feel like the world is slowly crashing down right before your sight, and if that situation will make you feel so depress and sad, I want you to still have at least one reason to be happy,” he told me.

“Because forgetting won’t really help you, I know you are aware of it. What I want is for you to still find the way out from despondency and be happy again,” he added.

“I don’t want the idea of you isolating yourself within the cage of despair, I hate it,” he continued.

As a star fell down from the nightsky, I felt a tear stream down through my cheeks. I just fixed my eyes on his face while still trying to figure out why I haven’t looked at him this way before.

“I think my wish will be granted tonight,” he said as he grabbed my hand towards his chest.

He hugged me real tight—as if telling me that the only reason for me to be happy again was here all along;

and he was that exact reason, I know.