She (Stri)

She is brave, she is Aadi Shakti ,
She is calm , she is veena paani.
She is divine, she is manava bhakti ,
She is furrious ,she is chandi bhavani .

She is a warrior ,she is Rudramadevi .
She is a poet , she is Meera bai .
She is a ruler ,she is Razia sultan .
She is a saviour, she is Laxmi bai .
She is the procreator,she is Hiranyagarbha.
She is the motherland,she is bharatavarsha .
She is vital ,she is eternal .
Without she ,he never exists .
She is Ananta, she is infinite .

                    Written by Shaheer Rafi

She is infinity
She is the beginning.
She is behind he.
She is everything.


Very nice @Shaheer_Rafi and @navjyotsingh.rajput

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great great post

one for whom it’s written
second how it’s written


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