She is out of loveđź’«

She never thought of commitment in the past 23 years of her life and then there was someone she could barely think of falling for.
But eventually she did. She did fall for that someone and suddenly everything was easy. After all these years of living in the moment, she started to think of a future.
A future that includes everything she ever hated and she indulged herself in that feeling of change.
The most cheesy thing left her smiling stupidly, the fear of loosing made her cry.
Finally she could flaunt her flaws and he appreciated like it was perfect.
Then on some day, everything disappeared. All that efforts for a future made no sense. All the things were just in those moments. What if she knows!

Now that everything was gone, she forgot how to live in moments like a child forgot its homework in the way back home!
Nothing seemed like before, nothing felt the same.

Now she is different, now she knew what love feels like, now she knew what heartbreak feels like; she appreciates the people stay in love and silently pray for them.
She still hopes to live in the moments once again but this time she will be out of love.