She is beautiful... ❤️

She is beautiful,
The way she smiles,
In between smiles the way she giggles,
Talking unstoppably,
The way she just pours her heart in everything;
The way her eyes twinkle,
When she sees us happy,
The way she gives her all the day,
To make us feed well and healthy,
The way she looks so beautiful everytime,
When she gets ready to go somewhere,
The way she gets confused here and now,
When the hair isn’t getting perfect for long,
The way she gets all the irritation in the world,
When the kajal goes wrong twice!
The way she knows all the scars,
And get sad all by her own consoling us,
The way she takes care of all,
Though she isn’t well herself;
The way she gets angry on people,
And shouting all day long,
The way she feel calm all at a once,
When she sees us around!
Yeah she is my mother, she is my life,
And she is just so beautiful…