Self Made Woman :)

I am so proud today,
As my son told me,
That, I am a self made woman,
As whatever I did, I did all alone!

I got married so early,
As I had just started college,
But, I strived and graduated,
With my little one in my arms!

Moved from station to station,
Along with my Air Force hubby,
Settled home and went out to find work,
Still managed very well, both work and home!

Completed my post graduation too,
As a hands on Mom while taking care of my son,
Parties, picnics, farewells, dinners, walks, treks…
Lived my life well along with everything else!

Joined back work again, after the short break,
Learnt to enjoy it, whatever I could do,
Company of children kept me active and young,
Living in different places was a learning experience too!

Now, relaxing a bit, taking out time for myself,
To read and write, to paint, and help others,
To live life on my very own terms,
And to do different things that I couldn’t do all these years!

@Jacqueline Lobo John


Great one, ma’am. :heart:
Wish you more happiness. :heart:

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Thank you @unknown_soul for appreciating and your good wishes Dear :slight_smile:

Thank you @Adithyan_ks for liking my poem :blush:

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Beautiful :heart::sparkles:

Thank you @vishakha_panktiyaa😊

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Bahut sundhar :clap::rose::partying_face:

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Shukriya @Arti :heart:

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