Search for smiles

Walking through steep mountains,
Jogging through twisting roads,
A hope to cool the mind comes to me,
That is all part of search for smiles.

Swimming through deep lakes,
Passing the twirls of riverbeds,
A blissful feeling to have peace with world comes to me,
That is all benevolent being search for smiles.

That may not stay forever,
Might shrink with a simple touch,
Let’s try to have this moment with that,
Or search for smiles may become a daunting task.

That can give you the most pleasure,
Shall bring the most powerful essence,
Let’s try to save its precious jewel,
May search for smiles never be and it stays in heart for ever…


Nice post @saurabhpant94
You are really a gem

thanks a lot, have to go far, long journey just a start yet, have to work more hard for it.

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