-Alveera Hafeez

Deep within this beautiful heart,
Lies a painful museum of art,
An ary which stabs deep inside,
A scar which is invisible but so wide.

A scar given by someone we love,
On which no medicines could ever be rubbed,
Some feelings which force you to feel,
The wounds which you don’t want to deal.

This pain makes you feel so less,
Talking to someone makes you better but after that it’s again a mess,
Your mind is trying to survive,
But this foolish heart wants to dive.

It feels it was all your mistake,
You only put this on the stake,
You always made them the priority,
Now, they don’t want that priority.

They want them out of your life,
They now want you to handle your drive,
I don’t know why they do so but they do,
That kills you more than a poisonous foe.

But you know, there are reasons why things happen,
Why people go and then their memories becomes a satin,
It’s very difficult to say why things go that way,
But you know the feelings that are real are the only one that stay!


Well said @Alveera_Hafeez​:heart::heart::crossed_fingers::slight_smile:

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Thanku so much @Adithyan_ks!!:heart::heart:

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Lovely one… :two_hearts::blush:

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very well written :slightly_smiling_face:

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Beautifully expressed :heart:

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Thank u!!:heart::heart:

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