Scars of nature

This book is a vivid piece of natural poetry by Indian visually impaired author Saurabh Pant that was published on 5th of june on ocasion of World Environment day in 2019 by Harper Collins India in black-white and coloured paperback for all indian prominent places to come and distribute for it’s virtual impact.
An environmental collection that questions position of humans and the affects on our nature, it is a work that commonly highlights how we have affected nature in various ways and in what ways we can sort our issues so our future generations might not face the wrath of the coming elements from our misdeed occured against nature in the race for development.
The work speaks volume of representations for humans in various ways so things can sort out, talks about the things that would have been avoided and we still can bring amends to sort them out, and hence it is an interesting collection of around 120 poems that has been received well all across india in it’s coloured and black-white paperback imprints and demand for more are still high in bigger urban locations that shows the skill and accuracy by which It is written and the effect it has brought as a literary work.
Thus it is an impressive work of Mr. pant’s own design, his editorial team’s hard work has been done great, the publisher had also put great effort across India to make great remarks and all is expected more from the author that he keeps moving his fingers with his typing to inspire others through his writing efforts, till more such works come for now as it is said it’s cheers to charlie and keep inspiring with your efforts at large…


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