Save the felines

Big games has not been a tradition of today and from long past activities has been in popularity but as the numbers have increased the threats have also surfaced to the reality and people are hardly aware of their practical impressions around.
When we say ‘Big games’ then it refers to hunting of felines of all kinds that was once in past done as royal activity and today has become a commercial activity across all the nations where in all parts of the world such glorious felines are in threat from such tendencies in action.
Whether you take Tigers and Leopards in India, Croogers and mountain lions in United States, Bobcats and Lings in England, Jagwars in Latin America, African lions in Central Africa or any other example- they all are in threat due to such big games and even after commitments of certain groups the results are not good enough to take step forward.
What has recently been witnessed that they are now not only hunted for commercial activity but sometimes pocher take advantage shaking hands with people from authority and both have been involved like in case of Gir in 2018 or the case of Sundarvan in 2017 which is also disappointing and shows the seriousness of the entire threat.
The need of the hour is that we do recognise the threats not only on the basis of the facts presented but also on the basis of the commitments done or it will be very late before we see them last time on earth and that will be a crying sight without dout for sure.
We have to ‘Save the felines’ not only because they provide huge amount of big game and comercial activities but in their presence themselves they are leaders who help teritorial resolutions and ecological patterns of the forests and if they are gone whether by hunting or by lessening green space it is surely going to hurt you humans as well so protect them before you regret it at large…



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