Jostling to warn each other,
Appreciating the level in which things span out,
Rivals like China and India progress in same speed,
Both happy with each other but showing the world to chicken out.

Increasing the power to threaten each other,
Complementing the best mode of services to make them livid,
Rivals like China and India appreciate both’s standards,
Their diversity plans and politics all seem actually vivid.

Though some are mistaken that both will face another war,
Guns on guns with missiles striking both boundaries,
Rivals doesn’t mean killing each other for becoming the top most,
They both are very aware of their realist tendencies as well as territories.

Many are mistaken that both want each other destroyed,
Standard of terror will be humongous in such measurement,
Rivals doesn’t want destroying Asia’s love by attacking each other,
They are aware for military way but ultimately enjoy the political fragment…


very well done once again my brother @saurabhpant94
you are really a gem for us :slightly_smiling_face:

the support has been real gem, thanks yoalfaaz

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Sometimes it’s amazing to see how you give such serious matters the shape of a poem and a warfare news becomes amazing. :clap:

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Well written…

thanks all for ur comments

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