Rising time once more

What we have seen in Sri Lanka after bombing on churches on auspicious day like Easter help us recognise that we have to raise our voices against those powers for cause to live and for the case of humanity amongst we all who believe in peace.
That shall be in front of those who wish to take away lives just for their pleasure or some other purpose or being taught to destroy just for some political means.
Thus about this mourning time, when everyone hasn’t been able to come out of loss, Thence is going to be rising time once more where we stand tall against such a calamity and not only from the heart but also from the mind committing to destroy such elements who’s only cause to create chaos.
For once, there must be an act making sure to teach them the lesson of once in a lifetime…


may God fill their hearts with Patience and cure the wounded soon.:pensive:

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thanks for ur concern

May peace prevail all over the world

great gesture

God please bless him because he is praying for you such a beautiful write up

so great of u, thanks