Ring seal

This species of seal is much common in icy antarctic subregion where they come every hour on surface from inside ice to breathe making white ripples and having movement of activity on the above snow surface by their sudden appearance.
this process of surface arrival is more closely connected to frozen Arctic ocean but they are also witnessed in cave length formation in antarctica by many scientists who have observed their immigration well and believed their family coalition to be a healthy one.
Generally they feed their diet on small fishes inside water but are known to hunt bigger amphibians when it comes to their balance diet.

In context of their family and lifestyle, males are lesser responsible family members and are according to scientists only associated to mating that is decided on quality of location selection by the males.
Females choose those males for family cycle who know the icy places well, can help for cave formation and can assure that certain settlement is closer for hunting processess for food possibilities.
Once the child is born, it goes to mother to make sure that it develops it’s fur without which they can’t return to water and it is in this process when they are most closer to life threatening situations as young ones having early days to strengthened their furs before going back to the inner cold water proximity and are targeted by all types of creatures.

Ring seals are connected with Surface-hunting and prying in Arctic ocean very closely in form of food chain affinity and has been part of the coalition of eco-systems of ice mammels in process of strike and surface in natural conditions and habitat proximity.
As Polar bear try to kill them when they come to surface of ice at end of every hour to complete their breathing cycle, Thence their competition is worth a watch.
Besides Ring seals are also targetted with heavy attacks by Orcas and Baluga whale and are of their favourite food custom in the ocean where such creature is charged by groups of such predators and in such process get killed.

However in context of human threats they are most probably in danger by traveling ships to Arctic for research or immigration by which coalition is the major cause where while swimming they come into contact with the outer metallic range of such moving transport conductors and either get hit or get infected by their exhaust also.
They are also hunted by local people of Canada and Norway closer to Arctic and are depleted to number count by such measures as their hunting is done in large numbers by people of such area for trade as well as diet reasons.
However the biggest challenge for Ring seals like it’s other species is the under water pollution happening and they are found dead in numbers due to raw plastic found in their carcasses.

These beautiful creatures require safety of their natural habitat first due to which they are brought into grave danger and humans with their interfearence has been responsible which required to be back into balance which is to say that humans have to contain their seal hunting habits or it will cause problems for such varied species like ring seal.
Further the Seal-Whale authorities must have to keep an eye on the illegal poaching that takes place inside waters closer to the Arctic region and hence affect the culture of such beautiful seals and if they go out of numbers their absence will also affect the population of ice Polar Bear which has to be considered as a serious challenge.
Ultimately if we are able to preserve them well, make sure that their lives and numbers keep increasing and are able to help things rightly the future is great and shall hehlp in great ecological balance of the Arctic at large…


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