Riddles or fricky

You don’t sleep, you say.
So again, we end up knowing each other, a little more than before. Just, a little more. Just enough, to make me think, that you sit right beside me in that shady old garden, which stinks of rotting flowers.

But you, you make it seem like the nursery where they kiss the marigolds until they bloom.

The mornings.
They have been unexplainable. You glisten them with choruses from your heart, and sometimes it’s so close, that it feels like you are slowly whispering them into my ear, in that deep voice of yours.
It’s soothing you know.

I like the rains, and I don’t know if you like them too, see that’s how much I know you.
Just a droplet.
But someday, I want to sit with you on the wet grass, where you sing to me, a song, about love, and somehow we both know, it won’t end the way it should. But still you continue and make it seem like a forever which will disappear in between chirping crickets, in between the the water hitting the roofs of the houses, in between You, and Me.

You tell me a story, and you ask me how it ends. But I say, let’s run towards the horizon. You ask me to dive, but I swim. You ask me to walk under the moonlight, but I love the shadows. Just the shadows.

So when you tell me you love me, you know, that I would try to escape, again.
And no, you can’t change it. So rather, you start talking about a faraway galaxy and how clich̩es are as lovely as they seem to be. It’s all roses and butterflies from there.

And somehow, I guess that’s what I want, to weave a world out of the perfect fantasies and chocolate dipped kisses, where the future is just a myth, and ballroom dances are still a thing.

I don’t want a happily ever after. I want to experience the part where the protagonists are in the summer of their lives, young and so (not) in love, even if that’s just for 3 days.

They are in love, maybe, and I guess that’s enough. Or maybe love was never enough between two people.

I want to run again.

You can follow me on a horse, while I diminish into the gold-dusted Tyndall effect of the woods.

It would be so romantic, a fairytale I have always dreamt about.



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