I love you, yes I really do.
Maybe I cannot shout it to the world,
I cannot sing the melody of my heart.
I cannot thrum to the beat of my pulse.
I cannot dance to the rhythm of my soul.
I cannot play the harmony of our love.

But I know how to write from the bottom of my heart?
And I think my poetry is more than enough,
More than enough to read my heart and mind?

More than enough to let you know how I really feel.
More than enough to express how much I love you.
More than enough to let you know that I cared.
And as long as I know that you’re there,
As long as I know that you’d cared,
Maybe it would be enough for me.

You are my song
My inspiration to write a poem.
My heart for the rest of my life.

© Mari Felices


You are outstanding


You express so beautifully! :blue_heart: