Revived memories

Lost in empty spaces,
Hard to revisit one most close one,
Now in such panic situations,
Its time to cheer on such revived memories.

Distant in old corners,
Worried with no happy feeling to go back,
Now in these horrible positions,
Its time to visit these revived memories.

From childhood running off from homes to play,
To adulthood becoming surly and lesser meals to be better,
Worries of parents for future to come,
All seems joyful being these revived memories.

From becoming a well settled personnel,
In taking all problems and solving with family around,
Celebrating festivals and grief of lost ones,
All will now become power in form of these revived memories…


Wow. :blue_heart:

:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: so relatable. Amazing one.

Thanks both