Review of poetry collection ( Decisions of heart )

Starting from the basic, this collection consist of a variety of themes. Their are 9 divided sections each covering themes like - friendship, soliloquy, love, society, natural and romantic combination of poetic.
This is not your just another collection of poetry.
The dark imagery used in some poems really stick to ones heart and touches the very depth of individuals soul.
Readers are taken on a journey from starting to end like a kid on roller coaster not knowing where it’s gonna lead you or put you in certain dilemma !!!
Poetry focuses more on emotions rather than it’s construction or presentation. Though automatically one can find a good rhyming pattern with beautiful selection of words.
I would recommend this to someone who loves to read natural poetry.
Some of my recommendations from this work are

  • Blind love
  • Dark nights
  • Masks of Valentine
  • Parting of ways.

Reviewed by- Navjyot Singh.
@saurabhpant94(writer of this collection and my thanks to him for allowing me to do so).