Review for sushil Kumar's 'Insights into Unesco world heritage sites of India' course on Unacademy

Nature: Education module
By Saurabh Pant

First of all extremely proud the way my college friend Mr. Sushil Kumar has been constantly on the move and has been working for more courses for Civil service examinations on the popular platform like Unacademy for which I would like to congratulate him by continuing to work harder and harder for prominent future of all those who benefit from such courses as learners indeed.
Coming to the fact now, making things available more on the right purpose, Mr. Sushil Kumar has launched one new course on the web with video lectures that is titled ‘Insights into Unesco heritage sites in India’ and it seems to be an exciting course that is going to light you with famous places that are presented honour of being heritage sites in the diverse country like India and though tough to cover this course may be, Sushil bro has worked hard and analysed well to keep things to right tact and present them well first of all.
Going further, what you will find as prominent factors to study here are that what is the basic concept of Unesco heritage site? How such presentation and selection of site is being declared by such a UN Organisation? Why India has been successful for such honours in so many places being only second after China in world to have in count of sites? And ultimately what are those sites with their geographical connotation? by such virtue in all of that will help you as a learner a lot, and can help in preparing for some prominent geography lessons in context of Civil service examination preparation by enjoying these videos on Unacademy like famous platform.
By all means if you have interests both in Indian culture or geography it is a nice course to go through, If you wish to prepare both for Indian culture and Indian geography in civil services for same case it is a great insight, And you will not get bore trying to catch with such phenomenal insights which make this course a phenomenal one for which I should recommend you to go through the course in Unacademy and enjoy it with great intellectual pleasance at large…


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