Review for Sushil Kumar's Climatology course on Unacademy

Our humble friend, who is a Geography professional, has once again produced one more great course on such a famous place like Unacademy and it is a nice one not only for the UPsC asspirants but also for State PCS Aspirants as such field is a very critical one today and knowledge of the topics of such field is essential in the field of Climatology.
This course generally covers 12 common themes related to climatology and Honorary Sushil bro has managed to make sure to cover such issues like climate culture, urban climate core, the changes of atmosphere responsible for climate concerns, the change of climate happening in present, and also the major issues in Indian context that make the course an attractive one and great to listen out.
The course, that is designed for multiple preparation purposes, promises you to have common understanding of the climate, gives a basic concept for all the major issues, and is well designed, greatly prepared and well balanced for understanding of climate awareness which makes it a great one for all on Unacademy to listen out and for all the learners it is a great insight.
We are very glad to have you on Unacademy Mr. Sushil Kumar bro, congratulates you for one more phenomenal course available both in Hindi as well as English, and we expect more such experties from you in Geography and Climatology for which we are highly gratified and appreciate your commitments-
Till your more courses come by on such a great online place, many many congratulations, keep the energy going and your efforts are phenomenal, Carry ont this academic journey- Best wishes for the future indeed…