Review for Duniya bol run By Shubham sir

A Video blog on Youtube
Reviewed by Saurabh Pant

Extremely humbled for one more such glorious chance to write one more prolific review.
Heart felt gratitude to Shubham sir who belongs to media field and has been old college senior-
Can’t get bigger chances than that often, Thank you first of all…

Duniya bol is a prominent blog in video form in Laymen language which is to say that it covers certain elementary topics in voice-video form and is presented with great furver by Prominent Indian based Journalist Shubham Gupta sir since 17th of May 2019.
Though it is in early stage, it has lot of promise, an impressive cultural background and many to impress by accurate presentation.
And Knowing Shubham sir from my early college days I am sure it will aspire many to listen in and get updated with some international issues that are prominent as the blog give great insights on such certan moving global ccurrents.
Generally this blog is designed on YOutube to give in-depth information on international issues that are circling around and hence is a boost factor for those who are internationalists and are interested to help boost their insights regarding global topics that come by with complete history, base stats, cultural influence, and how such case study is affecting in present which makes it an impressive blog for sure.

What Shubham sir is known for that he is a performer of known skills and knowing him from long since, being a great debatee as well as a skillmaker, What I can assure you that he can surprise you with the awareness he has regarding certain issues.
Not only in Indian concerns but also about the global think tank systems, he has great understanding of that all that can certainly impress you to follow his abilities and can inspire further once you go through the videos he will continue to upload in this blog.
By such regard what he is able to bring into as an experienced Journalist as well that he is an able creator when it comes to bring out all patterns of stories together and also throw glances to complete insight that can attract you to the news coverage and can certainly help you increase your knowledge by going through his Video blog like duniya Bol.
It is going to be a boost not only for those who are interested in international issues but can also be helpful in certain preparatory concerns specially in the competitive sphere by going through and thus I am very happy to listen out the video links he had shared till now in context of the blog and they have been impressive in relative information, character and complete issue coverage for which I would certainly recommend you all to enjoy his Video blog as well.

As far future expectations from this Video blog are concerned, it shall continue to bring more fascinating issues from global world and shall help light smart brains grow up with understanding of more political, social and other issues rising to the core across the globe.
By observing it’s video on Chagos island, it can be considered that it can bring coverage of Guam issue, The Fockland issue, The virgil island protective belt issue and many more.
Besides it can also bring issues like North Korean nuclear programme, US-Iran conflict, the Oil challenge for India over the globe, Pakistan’s Arabian problems, Cuban trade in US and it’s misrepresentation and many more.
Similarly it is promissing to see that it can cover issue not only in Asia and europe but also across Africa, Australia, Antarctica with it’s environmental concerns and both American continents and thence it has a great future to come as well as an exciting one for which I am humbled to present it’s review and I am sure that those who are following or have subscribed will present their love, eminence and joy for the same at large…

As final words from the author- Extremely joyous to present the review for the Video blog and hope for it’s phenomenal success.
I would like to present my sincere gratitude alongside the entire SP author team that you presented this chance and let’s hope that your blog channel shall have great receptions-
Best wishes for it’s galore in online circles…


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