Standing on the top of the roof
He awaits her RETURN,
Everyone has been giving proof
Its her ashes in the urn !

He says nothing, just stand and stares
Towards the mountain,
Despite the crafty laughs and the glares
He stares the skies with amain !

That was the famous story that everyone tells
Nothing moved him niether the yells nor the bells
They said he had gone mental forever and has lost it
But None of them actualy knew the reality about it
He knew she was gone and was never coming back again
Niether will she be back with the reliable rain again
He was waiting for the moment of last intake of his breath
For he was actualy waiting to RETURN to her by his death.


Very nice and pleasent start brother
You write it very nicely
Welcome to YoAlfaaz family
Keep writing and sharing :slightly_smiling_face:


Emotional and stable work.

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