Return of the Raavan

i search Raavan
outside me

After hurting many hearts
I find no relief within
follows cursing-
fate, destiny,
god & life
Apparently finding,
Time hugging
and soothing
my bloated ego
and irrational anger

A Flame of burning raavan
I pick up from outside
And burn
my inner Raavan
Of 10 heads

again & again
It rises as Phoenix
Out of the flames
to search outer evils

Unlike a span of year,
on dusherra;
burning effigy of Raavan
i have to kill
my Raavana
many times a day

Like Ravana
i too am dawned
By generosity of time
That Salves
my ego, anger,
illogical thinking inside,
helping me to succeed
To burn evils inside me.

Kalpana’s imagination


Wow, ma’am. :heart: