Remember one day (not related to real one )

Everyone knows that
The sun rises and sets everyday
But on some days,
For a matter of seconds,
It touches the sea in a manner
That gives birth to the most beautiful sunset you’d have ever seen
The kind you find hard to describe
Even if you’re a writer.
The sea might be in the city
You’ve always wanted to go with a lover
Or alone, with friends or your mother
Or it might be in the sleepy little town
You’ve spent years in, only to find ways to leave.
At that moment, the sky is going to be
Orange, but not quite the same shade
As the pullover your first crush
Was wearing the day she broke your heart
And yellow, yellow but not the yellow of sunflowers
But the yellow of Yellow Submarine
And a little bit of red,
But the one which resembles the shade trapped in a bottle of wine
And not the rose you could never put inside a book and give.
At that moment,
You’re going to play your favourite song
A melancholic song which makes you happy
Or a happy one which makes you tear up
An old classic you heard on the radio
Or one you recently downloaded
You’d have heard it before,
But then, right there and then,
You’ll find a new meaning to a line
And you’ll pick up the phone to tell someone about it
You might hit send or you might remember that you don’t have their number anymore
But it’s not gonna matter,
It’s not gonna matter,
Because for that brief moment,
You will have the sun and the sea,
And you’ll have the most beautiful
Cocktail of colours, music and memories you’d have ever felt
And hear me, that moment will pass
Like all moments do,
Like all places and faces become a memory
But do me a favour,
In that moment,
Breathe. Just breathe and remember this poem.
Remember I told you so.