Remember me?

Yes you…
Remember me…
I am the same guy…
The same one…
Who missed you even when talking to you.
Whose heart ached at the glance of a single drop in your eyes.
Who constantly troubled u for taking medicine when u were sick.
Who asked about ur parents everytime.
Who cared about you more than himself
Who did not eat anything unless u did.

The same guy who wished ,we could have met earlier
The same guy who remembers u every single day .
Who tried to contact u but in return heard…" the no. U are trying to call is…"
Whose heart pumped every single beat in your reminiscence.
Whose every thought cried ur name.
Every tear in my eyes vanished on the ground to create an art of ur memories.
Yes i am the guy whose heart was in pieces but had a place in everyones heart.
I am the guy that love is in search of
But i …was searching for u…
Remember me!??:no_mouth:**:heart_eyes:**


Wow. :heart:

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@unknown_soul thank you😊

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