We remember 20 years ago. When we stand together as one. When we saw you fall from heaven. We wont forget. We all know name and your story. Two build falls. God catch you all . Why there took you aways ? You all have my hearts and tears. We all remember 911 . We wont forget that day. That days God open his door. Came to me my children. We saw evil that day. But evils didn’t win. You took alot soul that day . We took back with love and pain in are hearts. You try to break us. But we are strong. Your memories will always be alive . We wont forget you all. We have angel around us. We have each other. Lend on me . When you need a friend. We wont back down . Are soul are strong . We will never forget those who die . Your memories live on drove us. American strong. 911 will always be apart of us :us: :heart:


Yes, the event shall remain within us forever now

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